“Rules of the Curb”

To all of our “Highly Valued” residents here at Balfour Beatty Communities, NAS Pensacola!!
We continue to face challenges in many of our neighborhoods with vehicles being parked in restricted and/or unauthorized areas. To assist all who may be unfamiliar with the “Rules of the Curb”, we would like to review the following:

All Neighborhoods: Please do not park where the curb has been painted yellow. These areas are restricted parking due to emergency vehicle access, fire hydrants and vehicle safety.
Lighthouse Terrace: Please be considerate of your neighbors & park in your designated parking (one dedicated spot per residence). Use of Visitor parking is for 2nd vehicle and/or guests. There are additional parking spaces at the entrance to each court.
Corry Village: Please do not park on the sidewalk side of the street. Vehicles parked on both sides will restrict emergency vehicles from responding to emergency situations. Please do not park on the grass. We are working diligently to ensure that the irrigation is working and want to make your community green and attractive.

We need everyone’s cooperation to make our communities safe and enjoyable.
Thank you for your support!