As of late, we have had some issues with loose pets on the property and want to ensure that all of our residents are well informed regarding our pet policy and steps that NAS Pensacola is taking to reduce the number of feral cats. In addition to Balfour Beatty’s pet requirements the base requires:
 Installation residents must register and microchip their cats and dogs with the supporting veterinary office
 Pets must wear registration or identification tags at all times
 A current vaccination record is required
 Do not leave your pet when you move or transfer unless you have turned it over to a responsible friend or adoption program, and remember to change the microchip owner data.

Also, some specific Balfour Beatty Guidelines (contained in the Pet Addendum section of the lease):
 Pets will not be permitted to run loose in the community.
 Dogs may not be unattended unless confined indoors, or outdoors in a securely enclosed and locked pen, or other approved structure designed to completely restrain the animal.
 Anytime a dog is outside the above confined secured areas, it must, at all times, be securely leashed and under the control of Resident or Occupant or a representative.
We apologize for any confusion regarding this/these policies and want our resident to know that we are pursuing options to provide a dog park in the near future.

Balfour Beatty Communities